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Facility Operations include a myriad of skillset requirements, both physical and procedural.  FM Gear provide operational solutions to make complex Facility Management functions easier to plan and execute without buying off-the-shelf project related software or engaging fee-based service providers. 

Data is key to effective operating budget development and management.  FM Gear tools will provide the means to develop or gather the data you need for RFP Scope Of Work (SOW) development or everyday "churn" operations.




Relocation Equipment Calculator

Crate Calculator - Mobile

Using this calculator you will be able to identify the components you must empty and pack contents for.  You will also have a high-level inventory of the furniture to help plan the labor for your move.  The Inventory and Results are "printable".

Facility Gear Apps can be used on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.  For your network security software downloads are not required, just access to the Internet.

Coming soon the ability to convert your results into an Excel worksheet.



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