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Facility Management tools, aka "FM Gear", addresses the three main pillars of Facility Management: facility Operations, Real Estate and Finance.

These tools were created by Facility Managers for Facility Managers of any type of facility.  Whether your property is manufacturing, fulfillment, call center or company office it makes little difference as these three pillars are the lifeblood of any facility operation.

From site selection to leased property evaluation and cash flow, our Real Estate Gear will bring you up to speed quickly with applications designed to enable Facility Managers to lead company expansions and property evaluations.

Operations, where cost control is paramount to the company bottom line.  Our Operations Gear applications allow Facility Managers to develop their Scope Of Work for relocations, create an Asset Management database, and develop their custom company space program before you engage third-party professionals.

Facility Manager's projects are often left for last when the Finance department considers project funding, sometimes resulting in deferred maintenance that can affect the useful life of equipment  and employee safety. 

FM Gear - Finance provides the Facility Manager with common financial tools to evaluate the cost benefit of equipment purchases.  The FM Gear Total Cost of Ownership tool provides the cost/benefit data of purchasing or leasing.

FM Gear - Finance provides the Facility Manager visibility into Financial concepts such as Depreciation Expense, Accumulated Depreciation and Book Value related to Facility capital expanse.  FM Gear is not a Finance 101 course, instead it puts these concepts into perspective through easy-to-use applications to help Facility Managers relate to the financial concepts that demonstrate their financial acuity.

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