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Facility Gear for Real Estate enable you to understand real estate "broker-speak".  If you've never looked for a new company location or evaluated your own facility location, these tools are intended to develop a value criteria matrix, lease cash flow, lease evaluation and many other real estate focused Apps.


New Site Selection Assessment Criteria - Mobile Version

New Site Selection Assessment Criteria - Web Version*

*Works best with Firefox

When a company seeks a new city site for real estate expansion it is important to evaluate a city site location in terms or candidate pool, labor pool longevity, crisis management and transportation systems.

Using this application you will be able to verify a new site's quality criteria to ensure the site meets the company requirements.  Rate site criteria by industry standard categories.  Ensuring the site meets company and stakeholder requirements increases the confidence you will have a safe, healthy and secure facility to attract and retain top talent while fulfilling your due diligence requirement.


Leased Property Evaluation - Web Version

Leased Property Evaluation - Mobile Version

Now that you have selected a new city site for your company's expansion you will need to evaluate several leased buildings.  FM Gear does not replace the need for real estate brokers instead they help your team become better prepared to engage brokers and communicate your company's needs concisely.  Having this ability will reduce or possibly eliminate misunderstandings and "false-starts" with your 3rd party consultants.  This can save precious time and money in your project.

Facility Gear Apps can be used on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.  For your network security software downloads are not required, just access to the Internet.

Coming soon the ability to convert your results into an Excel worksheet.



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